Playing time will consist of (2) 22 - minute running time halves with 5 minutes allotted for half time.

  • All games and halves will begin on one tournament wide horn. Any team unable to start on the horn may be charges a delay of game penalty awarding the ball to opposing team.


After your teams contest please be courteous of the teams to follow. This includes vacating the sideline in a timely fashion and clearing your sideline of all equipment/garbage.


Teams will be allowed one 30-second timeout per pool play game. This timeout does not stop the clock however and cannot be used within the last 2 minutes of the game. If a team fails to return from a timeout in a timely fashion the official may charge a delay of game penalty or change of possession.


All penalties will be assessed at the officials discretion. Time serving penalties will serve time and a half i.e. a 1:00 minute slash will be served as 1:30 penalty. Penalty clock will begin as soon as the ensuing whistle blows beginning the next play.


Any team with a lead in the final two minutes of a game must keep the ball within their offensive restraining box. If the ball leaves the box after entering, said team will turn the ball over.


If at the end of regulation the score results in a tie there will be no overtime to decide a victor. Tie breakers will only occur during playoff games.